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Зеиа Цхемицалс (Хаимен) Цо., Лтд.

ЗЕИАЦХЕМis quality organic pigments manufacturer, we have strong capabilities of R&D, production, quality control and application testing. Corimax is our brand, we are ISO9001,14001 and EU REACH certified.

Corimax quality organic pigments are for Coatings, Plastics and Inks applications, we can improve the pigment performance according to different customer’s application requirements,that strengthen customer’s using experience.

We have two production bases, covering macromolecular azo, benzimidazolone, carbazole, anthraquinone and other high performance organic pigments, we have deep understanding of customer’s applications and equipped with a variety of testing equipments that can cover coating,ink and plastics applications to provide customers quality, stable products and services.

We understand the importance of on-time delivery to our customers, we make reasonable inventroy plan for each customer, and enable our customers to receive the products predictably and timely through agents or branches in dozens of countries around the world. Rely on strong quality control and service capabilities, we have established long-term cooperation with most top ten manufacturers of coating, ink and plastics.

All we offered are more than the products, our team mission is to provide consistance quality, cost effective tailormade color solutions for the benefit of our customers and make all parties involved win together.

Фацтори Схов

Овде ћете пронаћи утисак о нашим производним местима. Сва производна места у складу су са највишим међународним стандардима безбедности и заштите животне средине.



Корпоративно име: Зеиа Цхемицалс (Хаимен) Цо., Лтд.
Адреса компаније: Но.279 Вест Хохи РД., Хаимен 226100, Јиангсу, ПРЦхина

Корпоративно име: Зеиа Цхемицалс БВ
Company address : Kerkenbos 1020B,6546BA Nijmegen Nederland.